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Un epistolario inédito de Lucas Mallada: las cartas a Luis Mariano Vidal y Carreras (1873-1902)

Aragonès, E. 



An unpublished epistolary by Lucas Mallada: the letters to Lluís Marià Vidal i Carreras (1873-1902). A group of 116 manuscript letters that Lucas Mallada remitted to his colleague and friend Lluís Marià Vidal i Carreras between 1873 and 1902 reveal new and valuable information, increasing the knowledge of the author himself as well as of the history of the Comisión del Mapa Geológico de España and the Cuerpo de Ingenieros de Minas in general. The venturesome life of this renowned Aragonese explained by himself, his opinions expressed with freedom and frankness, as well as his personal relationships, appear with all their clarity for enlighten the human dimension of a man who was capable to build a titanic work, so much more admirable after knowing how it was done and the price he had to assume.

Key words

Epistolary, Mallada, Vidal, History of Geology, Comisión del Mapa Geológico de España, Cuerpo de Ingenieros de Minas

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