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Presència de Tetralophodon Falconer, 1857 (Proboscidea) al Vallesià de la fossa de l’Empordà (Vaca Morta; Cruïlles, Monells i Sant Sadurní de l’Heura; Baix Empordà)

Rufí-Casals, I.  Orlandi-Oliveras, G.  Solés-Coll, A. 



Presence of Tetralophodon (Proboscidea) from the Vallesian of the Empordà basin (Vaca Morta; Cruïlles, Monells i Sant Sadurní de l’Heura; Baix Empordà).
A bibliographic review of the available data from the fossil site of Vaca Morta (MN 9) (Cruïlles, Monells i Sant Sadurní de l’Heura; Baix Empordà) is given in the present paper. A fragmented tooth belonging to a bunolophodont mastodon, which was found at the upper part of the stratigraphic series of the site, has been described for the first time. The simple morphology of the cusps and the buccolingual widths of the lophs and the talon put this piece in close relation with third molars of Tetralophodon (Falconer, 1857) of Polinyà (Vallès Occidental, Barcelona) and Crevillent (Baix Vinalopó, Alicante). In conclusion, based on morphometric parameters the tooth is identified as an upper right molar of a Tetralophodon cf. longirostris (Kaup, 1832).

Key words

Proboscidea, Vallesian, Empordà basin, Vaca Morta

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