Troballa de restes de sireni al Lutecià (Eocè mitjà) de Santa Brígida (Amer, La Selva, Girona)

Fuentes-Buxó, R.  Fuentes-Buxó, A. 



Finding of sirenian remains in the Lutetian (Middle Eocene) of Santa Brígida (Amer, La Selva, Girona). The finding of fossil bones in the surroundings of the Santa Brígida hermitage (Amer municipality, comarca of La Selva, Girona province, Catalonia) is reported. The fossils are included in hard rock and have not been recovered. They have been identified as belonging to an indeterminate Sirenia. The outcrop is located in the Lower to Middle Lutetian (Middle Eocene) Tavertet Formation (also known as Girona Fm.). Thus, the finding corresponds to the oldest sirenian remains of Western Europe.

Key words

fossil sirenian, Eocene, Lutetian, Amer, Catalonia

Publication date: 28/04/17

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Índex de Volume 22 (2016)