Revisión de los ammonoideos y nautiloideos del Aptiense del macizo del Garraf (Barcelona) de la colección del Servei del Mapa Geològic de Catalunya (1915-1924)

Matamales-Andreu, R.  Moreno-Bedmar, J. A. 



Review of the ammonoids and nautiloids from the Aptian of the Garraf massif (Barcelona) of the Geological Map of Catalonia (1915-1924) collection
For the first time the ammonoid and nautiloid fauna of this collection, collected in the Early Cretaceous of the Garraf massif by J. Almera, has been thoroughly reviewed. The specimens are currently housed in the Museu de Geologia de Barcelona-MCNB. This review allows to update, and, in some cases, correct, their original taxonomical identifications. Moreover, all available information and previous reports concerning these cephalopods are listed. A total of sixty-nine specimens of ammonoids and five of nautiloids have been studied; four of the taxa are recorded for the first time in the Garraf massif. Likewise, thirty-three specimens, considered the most representative of the Geological Map of Catalonia collection, are illustrated for the first time.

Key words

ammonoids, nautiloids, Early Cretaceous, Garraf, Geological Map of Catalonia collection

Publication date: 28/04/17

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Índex de Volume 22 (2016)