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Magyarcarcinidae new family (Crustacea: Decapoda: Goneplacoidea), and description of Magyarcarcinus yebraensisnew species, from the Bartonian (Middle Eocene) of the Jaca basin, south-central Pyrenees (Aragón, N Spain)

Domínguez, J. L.  Ossó, A. 



Magyarcarcinidae is proposed as a new family to accommodate the genus Magyarcarcinus. A new species, Magyarcarcinus yebraensisis erected after specimens from Bartonian levels of the Margas de Arguís Formation at Yebra de Basa (Aragón, N Spain). A detailed comparison with all the Goneplacoidea families and related taxa is presented. Relationship between both Tethyan and British Middle Eocene decapod faunas are herein confirmed, as well as their migration paths.

Key words

Brachyura, Tethys, migration, Paleogene, Margas de Arguís Formation, Yebra de Basa

Publication date: 28/04/17

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Índex de Volume 22 (2016)