Numérisation et informatisation du fichier des gisements paléontologiques relatifs aux collections de Géologie de l’Université C. Bernard Lyon 1

Prieur, A.  Robert, E.  Deroire, J.  Bailly, M. 



Digitisation and computerizing of the palaeontological sites file of the Geological collections at Université C. Bernard Lyon 1
In 1965 the French and foreign paleontological sites file was created at the Université C. Bernard Lyon 1. Data fields comprised in each file were: country, department, town, site, topographical and geological maps, precise location, photocopy of the map with the deposit score, age, author with bibliographical references, one or several photographs, description and stratigraphic section. This file has been fully computerized using FileMaker Pro software. Input plug is designed for the integration of all textual data. Four multimedia type descriptors have also allowed the addition of photographs of all or part of the information sheet, and lists of pre-established values facilitate the acceleration of the addition. The computerization of this file allows developing a simple, effective and easy to use tool. It should participate in the safeguarding of French and foreign outstanding palaeontological sites.

Key words

computerizing, palaeontological sites, location, maps, stratigraphy

Publication date: 25/02/16

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