Propuesta de un sistema de informatización de la gestión de colecciones paleontológicas

Esteban, J.  Gallemí, J.  Muñoz, J.  


Definition of an informatic system for the management of palaeontological collections.

This document was first presented to and distributed through the attendants to a Working Session of the V Jornadas de PaleontologIa (Valencia, november 1989) and has remained unpublished since then. By the end of 1991 a standard basic inventory card for the informatic management of palaeontological collections in Spain (GallemI et al., 1993) was established. As this management system employs many of the codes originally stated in the former document, its publication becomes necessary and so we do in a thorough and —consequently— non updated way.

Key words

Palaeontology, Collections, Management, Informatics, Spain

Publication date: 09/12/1995

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Índex de Volume 04 (1995)