Les Amiidés du Crétacé inférieur du Montsec (Province de Lleida, Espagne): Urocles sauvagei (Vidal, 1915) synonime de Vidalamia catalunica (Sauvage, 1903)

Wenz, S. 


The Amiids from the Lower Cretaceous of Montsec (Lérida, Spain): Urocles sauvagei (Vidal, 1915) as a synonym of Vidalamia catalunica (Sauvage, 1903)

The new find of juvenile specimens coming from the Lower Cretaceous continental deposits of Montsec and Las Hoyas (Spain), which are identified as Vidalamia catalunica according to the pattern of the caudal endoskeleton, the vertebral formula, the characters of the dorsal (i.e. long-based dorsal fin and high number of dorsal finrays), allows us to establish the synonymy between Urocles sauvagei and Vidalamia catalunica, species respectively based on juvenile and adults individuals of the same genus.

Key words

Amiidae, Lower Cretaceous, Spain, Montsech, synonymy

Publication date: 09/12/1995

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Índex de Volume 04 (1995)