Los Castoridae (Rodentia, Mammalia) del Neógeno de Cataluña (España)

Aldana Carrasco, E. J. 


Neogene Castoridae (Rodentia, Mammalia) from Cataluña (Spain).

In this paper the Castoridae of Neogene of Cataluña are studied. 10 localities distribuited throught the Catalonian basins (Seu d’Urgell, Cerdanya, Vallès-Penedès and Baix Ebre), present Castoridae remains and have been considered in this study. These localities range in age from Upper Aragonian up to Lower Pliocene. 4 genera and 5 species were recognised and are described and studiedfrom the systematic point of view.

Key words

Castoridae, Rodentia, Neogene, Catalunya, Spain

Publication date: 10/12/1992

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Índex de Volume 02 (1992)