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La Ruta Lyell: una proposta geoturística per a la divulgació i la didàctica del patrimoni geològic de Catalunya

Camps Gamundi, I. 



In the summer of 1830 Charles Lyell carried out an expedition through Catalonia with the aim of learning about Olot volcanism. The most important route starts in Barcelona and reaches Ceret (Vallespir, Northern Catalonia), passing through high-value of geological and landscape such as Montjuïc, Montserrat, Súria, Cardona, the Lluçanès, the Vic plain, the Cabrerès, the Garrotxa volcanic area and the Salines massif. The implementation of a long-distance route similar to other thematic paths and focused on the teaching of geology and the interpretation of the landscape while following in the footsteps of this expedition (Lyell Route) can generate an original product in the line of sustainable tourism. This itinerary would bring socio-economic and scientific-cultural benefits to the territories through which it passes and to society as a whole. Finally, it is clear that to carry out this project optimally requires solid and assertive collaboration between different geological and environmental actors, especially those who develop their activity on the territory of the Lyell Route.

Key words

Charles Lyell, outreach, didactics, geotourism, geological heritage, hiking, Catalonia

Publication date: 13/10/21

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