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Conservació i condicionament de la vitrina de les sals del Museu Martorell (Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona): 1921-2018

Campeny, M. Pérez-Azcárate, M. Duque-Valero, S.  Fernández-Lluch, D.  Garcia-Franquesa, E. Aromí, J. R.  Casalod, A.  Rodríguez-Ferrer, A. 



Conservation and conditioning of the Cardona salts showcase of the Museu Martorell (Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona): 1921-2018
The Cardona salts showcase was built and designed in 1921 by Francesc Pardillo. Located at the Museu Martorell building (Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona) it exposes and preserves a collection of salt rocks from the Cardona Salt Mountain. These specimens were donated at the end of 19th century by Ms. Casilda de Salabert i Arteaga (Medinaceli Duchess) and Mr. Miguel De Elías Marchal and represent a collection with a significant heritage and historic value. Due to the trace of time and the lack of conditioning interventions, this showcase did not preserve the samples in optimal conditions. The specimens began an alteration process interacting with high relative humidity, also generating the general degradation of the showcase furniture. In order to stop this degradation, it has been carried out an integral conditioning of this showcase but also of the salt specimens. This process has been executed respecting the original design of the showcase and carrying out the minimum intervention into the rock samples. In addition, a new passive and sustainable system to control environmental conditions has been set up to maintain optimal humidity conditions. This action stopped the degradation of the showcase as well as the specimens and guarantees their preservation over time.

Key words

mineralogy, conservation, conditioning, salt, Cardona, Catalonia

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